Back British Farming Day

Back British Farming Day

September 9th was “Back British Farming” Day – which the NFU has been running for 5 years.  We decided to ‘piggy-back’ on the day with our own campaign events around the country to highlight the issues we have with the Agriculture Bill.  The video below is ITV News.

The photo above was taken at our founder, Liz Webster’s farm.

Liz had two film crews there, as well as a photographer capturing it all.

Liz and David and at their Wiltshire farm.

Down on the south coast, Save British Farming campaign coordinator, Gemma Lane, visited Plumpton Agricultural College for a ‘Back British Farming’ Day report.  They’ve put up one of our ‘mega banners’ which will sit by the entrance to the college for the rest of the month.

Plumpton Agricultural College, Brighton

Meanwhile, around the country, groups held local events on the day to protest the Agriculture Bill.  A group in Devon was filmed by BBC News South West.

Ipswich, Suffolk outside the old Corn Exchange.
Hereford, beside the bull statue
Hexham, Northumberland
Ludlow, Shropshire

We were very pleased with both with all the news coverage our campaign received on Back British Farming Day, and the number of people who volunteered to get involved around the country.  All in all, the day was a great success!


SBF letter to NFU & response

Save British Farming founder, Liz Webster, has been corresponding with Minette Batters, President of the National Farmers Union about our campaign.  In late June, we were told the NFU did not support our tractor protest in Westminster.  On this page are follow-up emails showing our attempt to reach out, and the NFU’s continuing failure to support us (click the letter to enlarge).

After almost two weeks, the NFU finally responded to Liz, failing to address most of the points she made.  They reiterated their belief that our active campaigning is wrong, and that their petition is the most effective way to pressure government (click letter to enlarge).


Sign the Food Standards Petition

The National Farmers Union is lobbying the government to ensure that food imported from countries such as the US which is produced to lower standards than that expected of UK farmers should not be allowed. Farming throughout the UK has high standards of safety and animal welfare and won’t be able to compete, causing them to go out of business.

Please sign and share the petition, which has passed 800,000 signatures, to say NO to lowering U.K. food standards.


Watch Jamie Oliver on his Facebook page explain why this petition is so important.