The threat to farming

Liz Webster on ITV News

On Back British Farming Day ITV West Country did a feature on Save British Farming highlighting the plight faced by farmers and consumers of a damaging Brexit.

Farms are food factories and pushing them out of business to ensure food factories with poor standards feed us from half way across the world is damaging and irresponsible.

Write to your MP and Tory association today, tomorrow and every day because the Agriculture Bill will be back in the House of Commons at the end of September.  Use our customisable letter template.


A message from Plumpton College

Gemma talks to staff and students at Plumpton Agricultural College

As the Government has u-turned on its manifesto pledge to uphold current food, animal welfare and environmental standards, we must come together with farmers, the food supply chain, restaurants and shops to demand our right to decent affordable food. Shipping from the other side of the world – or worse, industrialising our landscape to produce factory-farmed food the US way – will harm us all. It will alter our landscape and access to the countryside, as well as destroy jobs in our farming industry.

The Agriculture Bill is one more charter for private profit. Write to your MP NOW using our customisable letter template, join Save British Farming and fight with us for the future of YOUR food!


Back British Farming Day

Back British Farming Day

September 9th was “Back British Farming” Day – which the NFU has been running for 5 years.  We decided to ‘piggy-back’ on the day with our own campaign events around the country to highlight the issues we have with the Agriculture Bill.  The video below is ITV News.

The photo above was taken at our founder, Liz Webster’s farm.

Liz had two film crews there, as well as a photographer capturing it all.

Liz and David and at their Wiltshire farm.

Down on the south coast, Save British Farming campaign coordinator, Gemma Lane, visited Plumpton Agricultural College for a ‘Back British Farming’ Day report.  They’ve put up one of our ‘mega banners’ which will sit by the entrance to the college for the rest of the month.

Plumpton Agricultural College, Brighton

Meanwhile, around the country, groups held local events on the day to protest the Agriculture Bill.  A group in Devon was filmed by BBC News South West.

Ipswich, Suffolk outside the old Corn Exchange.
Hereford, beside the bull statue
Hexham, Northumberland
Ludlow, Shropshire

We were very pleased with both with all the news coverage our campaign received on Back British Farming Day, and the number of people who volunteered to get involved around the country.  All in all, the day was a great success!


Back British Farming Day Roundup

A roundup of our social media on Back British Farming Day

Back British Farming was a busy day for the team with a coordinated push on social media, as well as events around the country gaining both TV and print attention.  All of it helped to raise our profile.  Here are the memes we shared.