Neglect farming at our peril

Liz Webster and Sophie Red interviewed by ITV News

This excerpt by SBF founder, Liz Webster in West England Bylines.

“We are now set on a course to destroy centuries of European trade – and values which have ensured a world-beating agricultural industry – in order to become America’s 51st state, beginning with ‘America First’ demanding the lowering of our food standards.

“Recent polls show that between 80%-90% of people in the UK are aligned against the lowering of food and animal welfare standards. For this Government to force through these changes against the values of the majority, is reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher’s obsession with the Poll Tax – which saw the worst riots in a century.”

Please write to your MP using our customisable letter template – all your need is your postcode, to let them know you don’t want food standards lowered and you expect them to support an amendment to include our current standards in the Agriculture Bill.

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