Good food standards = good health

Health professionals join call to keep current UK food standards

Health care professionals join Save British Farming to deliver a strong message to amend the Agriculture Bill to keep our current food standards.  Some of them tell us why.

It is crucial that we protect our food standards not just for ourselves but for future generations to come. We are seeing an exponential growth in chronic lifestyle diseases and nutrition is a fundamental pillar that we all need to look at improving if we want to lead healthier lives.

Good work and let me know if there’s anything else I can help out with!

~Chris George, GP

Lowering our food standards has the potential to have a negative effect on the health of everyone in the UK. We currently have some of the highest standards for agriculture in the world and the government are planning to lower these way beyond the acceptable levels that we’ve enjoyed for decades. We want to ensure that the government do not pass an agriculture will affect our health. Please write to your MP and encourage others to do the same to protect our food standards and our public health.

~Sophie Red, Consultant Dietitican

As a Registered Nutritionist working within the food industry for the past twenty years, I have become so proud of the high food and farming standards that we have in Britain. I have witnessed first hand some of the initiatives that have been worked on so tirelessly for years. To relax our principles now has the potential to have an incredibly negative impact on the health of our nation and we must ensure that our exceptional British food standards are protected by law.

~Charlotte Radcliffe, Consultant Registered Nutritionist

As a nursing student, we learn about the fundamentals of health, and how high quality nutrition is a key factor in ill-health prevention.
Health inequalities in Britain are evident between lower income and higher income families. The agriculture bill amendment will leave lower income families with no choice but to choose poor quality foods, further exacerbating the inequalities in health in our country. We are lucky to have our own British farms which provide us with local, seasonal, good quality food. This should be accessible to everyone, no matter your income.

.Local, seasonal, good quality produce is essential to the public’s and the planet’s health.

Good quality nutrition is a necessity, and shouldn’t be made a luxury.

Mary-Jo Whiteley, Student Nurse