Act now!

Take action now.  Whether you’re a farmer or a consumer, whether you support animal rights or tougher environmental regulations, we all need to look to a safer, sustainable future. The new Agriculture Bill fails to protect our current world-beating standards for food imports.  To change this, see below for some things you can do.

Write to your MP

Click here to write to your MP.  Use our customisable letter template to express your concern about the introduction of cheap, low quality food into the UK that undermines our high welfare and environmental standards. Tell them you want them to support an amendment to the Agriculture Bill that will preserve current food, animal welfare and environmental standards in food that’s both grown here, or imported from elsewhere.

Write to your local Conservative Association

If you have a Tory MP and are not happy with their response, write to your local Conservative Association. Let them know you want Conservatives to stick to their manifesto promise to keep British food standards. Google your constituency name + Conservative Association to find their website and contact details.

Sign this petition

Sign this petition from March for Change on the forthcoming US trade deal which removes legal protections for animal welfare, food labelling, food standards, the environment and so much else.